Slide Scanning and Capture

Spectrum has two types of slide digitizing. Use our Economy Slide Capture to digitize and record your slides to CD at just 50 cents per slide. Economy capture is available only at orders of 50 or more slides. This is a great way to preserve slides for the modern era and use the digital files to further make computer based slide shows and make small digital prints.

If you need the ultimate in print quality from the slides, Spectrum also offers the Pro Scan option. Using a very expensive scanning system, this is the best choice for sharp printing or detailed post scan cropping.

At $1 per scan you get a 1200×1800 ppi file with basic color correction on a close loop calibrated system.

At $ 2 per scan you can get a 2400×3600 ppi scan.

Once you have made digital files from your 2×2 35mm slides, you can make prints or rendered video movie slide shows from the files. These services are priced separately.

Print Scanning Services are also available, either full service or you can use a self-service scan station in our store. When you order full service scanning we can also make prints at the same time. This is called the print-to-print service.  Full service print-to-print begins at $2.50 for a 4×6 print.

If you would like to can at home and bring the files in or order online here are our base recommendation:

Scan at 300 ppi. Scale the scan to fit the aspect ratio and resolution needed for the final print size. Use care to maintain the proper exposure and contrast in your scan. Setting correct white point, black point and midtone level is very helpful in getting a good scan. While printing from your vself-prepared files is very inexpensive at Spectrum, many customers prefer the full service print-to-print option at a higher price because good scanning can require advanced skills.

Limit of Liability: We use due care to protect your slides and other media, but cannot be responsible for consequential damages resulting from loss or damage. Fire, flood and any other potential loss causing event cannot be predicted, so we limit our liability for media you leave with us to $100 in total. If you do not agree with this limit, do not use our services.